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Ketebe, founded in March 2018, is a young, yet vivacious and up-and-coming publishing house with 1000 books already in numerous genres, based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Ketebe’s publications include the works of various great names in fiction and non-fiction. The Ketebe collection features works from known artists from all around the world like Hermann Broch, Jean Echenoz, Ismail Kadare, Ivo Andrić, Milorad Pavić, Ezra Pound, César Vallejo, E. E. Cummings, Hermann Hesse, etc.

While Ketebe’s biography collection which includes Simone Weil, Akira Kurosawa, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and Emil Cioran biographies continues to extend; authors like Jacques Lacan, Jacques Derrida, Marjorie Perloff, George Lukacs, Owen Barfield, Northrop Frye, Michel Foucault, Alan Badiou, Harold Bloom, Jorge Luis Borges, Günter Grass, Octavio Paz, and so on creates a remarkable non-fiction collection.

Ketebe has also a Turkish collection that includes Turkish classics and many contemporary Turkish artists whom the publishing house is really proud of and keen to promote to the world.

Our publishing house Ketebe is a publishing house that was designed to be an international publication giant.

Our working standards are based on meticulous and high-qualified editions of a large scale of products that consist of categories such as Turkish, Ottoman, Eastern, Western classics and contemporary Turkish, Western, Hispanic literature, Western and Islamic philosophy, contemporary Turkish, Islamic, and Western thought and literary theory.

As a publishing house that is open to international co-edition projects, we have all of our foreign books translated from their original language and will provide translation services to our future co-publishers.

Our editorial team, whose big part consists of professional writers, is in a constant, vivid brainstorming to create new book series and publication projects, besides their instinctual expectations, as readers themselves, of a book to provide “a good reading experience” in terms of extraordinary cover designs, paper quality, and other elements.

I finally would like to express that Ketebe has a wide domain of influence and is highly accessible with numerous contractual bookstores, distribution firms, and digital marketing professionals.

Editor in Chief

Furkan Çalışkan

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